Update for week of Monday 14th February 2011

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DIT launches contemporary music degree with BIMM


DIT and BIMM – the renowned Brighton and Bristol Institute of Modern Music – have launched a new honours degree programme in contemporary music, to start this September. Applications for the programme will be made through the CAO and details are available on the DIT website.

BIMM is a very successful UK rock college, “run by musicians for musicians”, and the degree programme in Dublin will be delivered by tutors who are active professional musicians. Some of the Irish music industry figures who will be offering tutorials on the programme in Dublin will include Cathy Davey, Ollie Cole, Steve Wall, Graham Hopkins, Colm Quearney, Dave Hingerty and Dan O’Connor. The course in modern music will teach students the tools to gain a career in a range of roles within the music industry both here and abroad, including artist management, live music production, performance and publishing.


Speaking about the partnership between DIT and BIMM, Brid Grant, Director and Dean of the College of Arts and Tourism, said: “Our partnership with BIMM Dublin is a fantastic opportunity to extend the offerings from the Conservatory of Music and Drama to provide the first Level 8 degree in Ireland in Commercial Modern Music. With programmes already offered in classical, jazz, traditional and other areas of music, it is opportune to build on Ireland’s reputation in the conemporary music industry internationally. And we look forward to collaborating with BIMM in providing programmes at third level for musicians and music industry entrepreneurs.”

Kevin Nixon, BIMM Group President, who was in Dublin for the launch of the programme, said “There is a lot of snobbery in music. Classical, jazz, opera, etc. have this right of legitimacy that needs to be extended to all music. Our partners at DIT recognise this and together we hope to bring a new, open attitude to the music of today’s young Ireland. BIMM if for young people who care deeply and who are committed to a career in music and we are very excited about the talent that it will undoubtedly attract."