Update for week of Monday 11th January 2010
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Programme for Students Learning With Communities awarded European Framework 7 funding.

The Programme for Students Learning with Communities, as part of a European consortium of partners led by the Science Shop in the University of Groningen, has been awarded European funding under the FP7 programme in the area of Science in Society. The project, called Public Engagement with Research and Research Engagement with Society (PERARES), has been awarded approximately €2.7 million over four years (Click here for more information).

The DIT contribution centres on community-based research initiatives recently established by Students Learning With Communities in DIT, as a response to concerns expressed by NGOs and civil society organisations. Students Learning With Communities staff as part of this process are gathering a list of research questions from community partners who don't have the resources to do the research themselves. Students (usually final year undergraduates or postgraduates) can browse the list of topics (which is regularly updated on http://www.communitylinks.ie/slwc/community-research-topics) and choose a research question related to their discipline, and conduct this research as part of their studies, supervised by lecturing staff, in collaboration with the community partner.

Students Learning With Communities staff would like to thank the consortium leader, Henk Mulder, and associate leader, Norbert Steinhaus, for all their work, as well as the DIT Research Support Office, in particular John Donovan for his help.

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