Update for week of Monday 12th January 2009

New email system in DIT

The email system which currently in use in DIT was installed when DIT first got internet connectivity in the 1980s. It has had a number of upgrades since then but the last significant change was new hardware in 2001.
All of our students were moved to a new email system [Called myDIT.ie] in February 2008 and we are now in a position to move all staff to the new system.
The new system is a highly scalable, high availability email system powered by Sun Microsystems technology. It is physically located in the new Data Centre IT Hosting Facility in Aungier Street.

Final testing will begin on Tuesday 14th October with the first large migration of staff scheduled for the following week. More detail about this project and what it will mean to you are available on the Information Services section of the website [www.dit.ie/is] which will be continuously updated for the duration of this project.

If you have any specific questions about the new email system, please contact us at migrate.mymail@dit.ie. Any frequently asked questions will be added to the growing list which is already on the website. As always, thank you for your support and co-operation while the new email system is deployed.

Kind Regards,

David Scott
Chief Information Systems Officer




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